Bathswide is the new brand name for Maliform Pty Ltd, a company involved in the shower door industry for over twenty years. Bathswide

brings to the market one of the most innovative designs in the bath shower door industry with a product that fills a long-standing gap.

This door is suited to all sizes of bathtubs and resolves many of the problems allied to this type of shower door. There is no head rail and it

allows more than half the length of the bath clear to get in and out. There is no lower track that can catch all the rubbish and protrude when

trying to bath the kids, or hurt when sitting on the edge to get in or out when bathing. One is able to reach and clean every part of the door

and bath without having to climb in to do so. This reduces the time to clean up and lessens water damage to the surrounding furniture.

The look of this unit is unobtrusive and can be moved out of the way completely as there is NO fixed panel.

Easy to install

Made of the best quality materials

Easy to clean

Ninety percent of all the materials are recyclable

Easy access and no visible head nor sill track

Fully serviceable and spare parts ready available

Reduces the mess

Can be made to suit your project in both width and height

Stacks away for total access to tub

Numerous configurations

The glass can be sealed to reduce cleaning

Patent applied for

The door of the century? You tell us.

Distributor enquiries welcome.

Contact Colin Opwald at Bathswide for further technical information, availability and supply.




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